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Can I have someone speak at my meeting or conference about California politics, legislation and regulations?

Do you need a presentation? Jerry can provide this. You want to make sure you are on top of the legislative and regulatory issues that are out there. You would like to have a snapshot about what is going on in Sacramento. You are interested in a timely and insightful political update. You are being urged to take action right now on a measure in Sacramento.

Discuss your immediate needs with Jerry. He will work with you to develop and provide a customized presentation - from a small group coffee chat, to a PowerPoint presentation, to a Zoom web conference event.

What do state politics look like after the election? What are the key public policy issues right now that could impact businesses or associations? Analyzed and concisely presented.

Jerry is known for his personal style, his engaging, informative and dynamic presentations to small gatherings as well as large groups. Real. Insightful. Honest.

Updates on current California politics? Check.

Details on legislative and regulatory procedures? Check.

Analysis of a policy issue? Check.

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