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6 Essential Elements in a Government Relations Program

You need to know what is going on in Sacramento. You hire a lobbyist to track legislation and take action when appropriate. Are you good to go, or is there more? Indeed there is more.

Nobody knows your business better than you. You can enhance the position and value of your business or trade association by actively engaging in the processes of state government, improving the laws and regulations that regulate your industry and preventing harmful proposals from becoming law.

You can do this with Jerry. He works with executives, businesses and associations, creating and implementing government relations programs that achieve successes year after year. Establishing industry professions as the go-to source for policy makers. Preventing bad proposals before they are even introduced. Sponsoring positive legislation that is signed into law. Developing and advocating articulate and persuasive positions and strategies on challenging issues.

Specific criteria for the determination of workers as independent contractors or employees – obtained. An industry proposal a previous Governor said would need to have documented support of several thousand businesses [90% of the industry] – accomplished. Just two of many.

Effective government relations means: success in achieving your objectives.

A government relations program can have a number of components, each developed and tailored to you, your business or profession, the political context, the existing and anticipated issues, and your objectives – both short term and long term.

Here are 6 key elements upon which an effective state government relations program can be created:

- Specific, informed strategies to accomplish your desired outcomes.

- Direct, positive relationships with officials, legislators, regulators and staff.

- Persuasive articulation of positions on specific legislation and regulations.

- Multi-pronged advocacy efforts that involve you, your leaders and members as constituents.

- Reputation as the authoritative resource on issues that impact you.

- Collaboration and coalition efforts with other interests on issues with shared positions.

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